Forging a new local cosmetics retail experience

We love what we do

We are passionate about supporting and empowering local small businesses. We believe in the potential of local brands to become global, and we strive to provide a platform for these brands to reach their customers.

Our working process

Our working process involves resilience in the face of rejection and challenges. We are not deterred by setbacks, but rather use them as motivation to continue the fight and achieve your ultimate dreams.


About our store

They say when life throws you lemons you ought to make lemonade! The story of Edenvinne beauty shop situated in Menlyn is a representation of the lemonade quote shared. It is the story of two young women who had a big dream but was rejected the opportunity to achieve that which they aspired. Instead of giving up they chose to soldier on the battle ground with resilience until they achieved their ultimate dreams. With prayer, confidence and strive they conquered what many was unable to do.

The story of Rearabetswe Dire and Gontse Kgokolo started with a market and a conversation where us as small business owners where looking for a platform to reach our customers. In our successes with our individual brands we seeked growth in many places but realised there where limits. Rea had approached a big retailer in her business journey and the retailer rejected her Perfume brand saying "no one knows you, who is Montle Cosmetics?" This has driven her to continue the fight in conversation with Gontse who was approached by a big retailer that later wanted to change the brand name "Kwanele" and remove an African face from an African hair straightening brush box design.

It was from these frustration that Edenvinne was born. We wanted to create a retail shop that housed local brands that had the potential to be global brands and meeting the needs of all consumers. Edenvinne lists local brands that are passionate about the quality of their products. They are products made with love and most of the entrepreneurs started their brands to solve a problem.